BREAKING: Trump Felony Charge – White House STUNNED

Democrats are so deranged that they are blaming President Trump for the busted attempt by an anarchist group to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). If it were up to them, President Trump would be facing the same felony charges as the alleged kidnappers.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) espoused this idea saying, “I think all roads lead back to Donald Trump, unfortunately, every single time he attacks a public official, and I know this personally, there are those who take that as license to come after us.”

Mayor Lightfoot thinks President Trump’s attacks motivate fringe individuals to do crazy things and as a result, he is indirectly responsible for anything bad that happens to the officials he criticizes.

This is both insane and underhanded. The reality is Democrats don’t like being called out for the things they are doing wrong and they want to silence the opposition.

Lightfoot and other Democrats are using a bizarre scheme by anarchists to discredit and criminalize any form of legitimate criticism.

Lightfoot is the object of criticism she is trying to stifle. The Chicago mayor is overseeing one of the nation’s most violent cities and has been completely ineffectual in fixing the issue. In this day and age, our politicians and leaders need more criticism, not less.

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