BREAKING: Trump Exposes Democrat Scheme – Election Is…

President Trump said Friday that the Democrat’s plan to implement mail-in voting for the 2020 election is making China happy.

Democrats have spent the last four years insisting that Russia helped President Trump win in 2016, now they are working with China to win in 2020.

Mail-in voting will compromise the integrity of our elections and allow huge opportunities for fraud. Both China and Russia could very well take advantage of those weaknesses.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, President Trump said, “They’re using the China virus, China must be very happy about it, because they hit us with a virus and now they screw up an election like you will never see.”

Democrats have most certainly exploited the coronavirus pandemic for their own political goals. Now they will compromise our election security all in the name of beating Trump in 2020.

Americans must be vigilant as Democrats have been willing to go to any length to attack President Trump. They would not be above working with a foreign entity to defeat him.

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