BREAKING: Trump EXONERATED – Evidence Proves He Was…

Lafayette Park Police in Washington, D.C. reiterated on Thursday that no tear gas had been used on June 1 to clear violent protesters from the area, and that the clearing was related to the installation of a fence and had nothing to do with President Donald Trump.

Breitbart News asked for the clarification in light of continued media narrative from the LA Times and others that tear gas was used and that protesters were cleared so that Trump could walk to St. John’s church across the street to see the damage there and speak about the riots.

The Park Police said that only pepper spray was used, which is different from the two synthetic chemicals that are commonly called tear gas. They also said that the protesters were throwing bricks and caustic liquids at them prior to their actions.

The fence was installed in the area after protesters were cleared in order to protect officers, at least 50 of whom were injured when rioting turned violent starting on May 29.

After the installation of the fence, violent protesting in the area stopped and officers were kept safe.

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