BREAKING: Trump Exit Bombshell – Democrats Stunned

A bombshell just dropped about President Donald Trump’s alleged exit and Democrats are stunned. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), can’t believe it.

“I was just thinking he probably won’t even come to Biden’s inauguration,” said former President Bill Clinton on American Urban Radio (AUR), referring to President Trump. “He’ll be stacking sandbags in front of the White House.”

Clinton was joined by his wife, former Secretary of State and twice-failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, for an anti-Trump rant with AUR’s Washington Bureau Chief April Ryan. They are just trying to stoke fear.

Doubling down on the accusations, Hillary invoked former First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). “I think Michelle Obama did a great job just basically saying he doesn’t know how to be president,” she said.

This is going to be the Democrats’ narrative from now until Election Day. They are going to create a narrative in which Biden will win and Trump won’t give up the presidency. At the same time, they will lie about Trump not being fit in the first place.

But Trump is already on the rise and Democrats can’t stop it. Polls in battleground states have tightened up — and national polling has closed in as well. Biden is slowly dropping and that’s why his political surrogates are on the attack.

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