BREAKING: Trump Enemy REVERSES – White House Is Laughing

It’s really interesting to see how people on the left were worried about the integrity of electronic voting machines before the election when they thought they might not win, but now that Biden looks like the winner of the election, they are aghast at Republicans raising the very same questions.

Alyssa Milano questioned the voting machines before the 2018 midterms: “I feel the need to point out (again) that our voting system is vulnerable to attack. Citizens of 13 states will be voting in the midterms on insecure, obsolete, hackable, paperless voting machines that cannot be recounted.”

In the 2020 election, more than 30 states used Dominion voting machines that Sidney Powell and others have said were vulnerable to tampering and hacking to change vote results.

But many on the left defended Dominion after the election and said there was no way the machine could be vulnerable.

The hypocrisy isn’t surprising. It is highly important to find out whether there was widespread vote fraud before the next election.

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