BREAKING: Trump Enemy Is Going DOWN – Bye, Bye!

Michigan House Republicans announced plans on Sunday via Parler to impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) after she announced new coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions in the state.

Whitmer said high schools and colleges had to go to virtual learning, and bars, restaurants, Theaters, movie theaters, stadiums, arenas, bowling centers, ice skating rinks, indoor water parks, bingo halls, casinos, and arcades will be closed except to outdoor dining for the next three weeks.

The group of state legislators accused Whitmer of ignoring court orders, the legislature, and due process. They also said she let thousands of nursing home patients die of the coronavirus, denied in-person education to special education students, and weaponized contact tracing databases to help democrat political campaigns.

Republicans will have a 58-52 majority in the state House, which is enough to initiate impeachment proceedings. Two-thirds of the Senate needs to vote to convict Whitmer, and it looks like Republicans will need three Democrat votes to be successful there.

Even though the effort is likely to fail, Republicans see it as a protest over Whitmer’s restrictions and a show of solidarity with a beleaguered public that has been shut down at some level since March in the state.

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