BREAKING: Trump Enemy CHARGED – Faces YEARS In Prison

Disgraced former celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti has just been indicted on thirty-six charges of fraud and extortion.

The outspoken Trump enemy has experienced a sudden fall from grace, starting last fall with domestic violence charges and escalating from there.

Avenatti has most recently been charged with tax fraud, attempting to obstruct the IRS, identity fraud, and embezzling from a paraplegic client, among other crimes.

NBC reported that “The charge involving the paraplegic states that Avenatti lied to his client several times, including telling him that L.A. County hadn’t paid him in a $4 million dollar settlement as a lump sum, which the county had.”

Avenatti faces major jail time for his laundry list of offenses. According to Politico, “Avenatti would face a maximum sentence of 333 years.”

Every time we think that Avenatti’s star can’t fall any further, new evidence reveals further sordid details of his crooked dealings.

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