BREAKING: Trump Enemy Goes DOWN – Top Lawyer Delivers Bad News

One of former President Donald Trump’s major enemies is going down. A top lawyer has delivered the bad news and people are absolutely stunned.

“Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley is confronting Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias over his dishonesty about his role in funding the fraudulent ‘Russia dossier’ to smear then-candidate Donald Trump,” reported Breitbart.

Readers will remember the dossier Trump opponents concocted for the 2016 election — it ended being a total joke, of course, but it was still used to attack him and create the infamous “collusion” narrative.

Allegedly, the Obama FBI even used the dossier to help obtain a FISA warrant to spit on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Even CNN reported in early January of 2020 that two of the warrants were declared invalid.

Now, Turley, who teaches law at George Washington University, is exposing more Democrat hypocrisy — this time in one of the left’s most high-profile election attorneys, Marc Elias.

Turley has alleged that Elias “lied about the funding of the dossier or assisted others in making such false or misleading statements” and is calling for him to face scrutiny over it. Let’s get to the bottom of this immediately.

Read the full story here.

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