BREAKING: Trump Enemy Goes Down – She’s FINISHED…

Notorious Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) has fallen behind Republican candidate for Michigan governor James Craig by a shocking eight points.

A new poll released by Blueprint Polling on Thursday found that Craig is killing Governor Whitmer when it comes to bringing in Independent voters.

According to the poll, 41% of Independent voters would vote for Craig vs. 33% of Independent voters who opted to support Whitmer.

Expanding to other demographics, the race for the Governor’s mansion is a statistical tie. A statistical tie should be prompting alarms to go off with Michigan Democrats who are now in genuine danger of losing the state.

Governor Whitmer made a name for herself by being notoriously draconian about Covid-19 lockdown measures. Now, as a result of her hawkish policy, she is in real danger of being unseated in the midterm election.

Further adding to the Governor’s troubles is the recent freedom convoy protest. While she has come out against it, Craig has endorsed the protestors, further cementing his populist image. The situation isn’t looking good for Whitmer and very likely will get worse.

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