BREAKING: Trump Enemy Goes Down After GOP Pulls The Trigger

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) has found herself taking major heat after attacking the Canadian freedom convoy and labeling their protest on the Ambassador Bridge as an “illegal blockade.”

In response to Governor Whitmer’s attacks on the convoy, Michigan Republicans are coming out in support of the convoy and taking shots at Governor Whitmer for her abandonment of normal working Americans.

Former Detroit police Chief James Craig, who is running to unseat Whitmer, was one of the most prominent voices to come out in support of the convoy.

Craig’s decision to support the cause of the truckers protesting on Ambassador Bridge has further advanced his populist image, something he hopes will help unseat the notoriously draconian Governor Whitmer.

Craig issued a statement saying, “I stand with the truckers. I support all working people who are standing up for personal freedom. What we are seeing is a tremendous lack of leadership from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Joe Biden, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.”

Governor Whitmer is in real danger of being unseated in this year’s election, and her attacks on the trucker convoys protesting for freedom could play a major role in her deposition.

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