BREAKING: Trump Enemy Gets Devastating Surprise – Her Secret Is OUT

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), who gained notoriety for her draconian coronavirus lockdowns, is now facing an investigation from the Michigan House Oversight Committee.

The Committee sent a series of questions to Whitmer on Thursday that sought information on a secret flight that Whitmer made to Florida in March. While Whitmer shut down Michigan, she ran off to Florida on a private jet.

Representative Steve Johnson (R) sent 43 questions to Governor Whitmer that will help the Committee make a decision on whether or not to hold a hearing on the issue.

Representative John said, “That is our first step, and depending on the administration’s answers or refusal to answer, the oversight committee will consider hearings after that.”

Governor Whitmer has done little to endear herself to the people of Michigan, as her response to the coronavirus made Democrats like Gavin Newsom look reasonable by comparison. However, like Newsome, Whitmer didn’t see the need to comply with her own rules.

Whitmer’s trip to Florida is a slap in the face for Michiganders, who watched her strip them of their rights for the better part of a year. Governor Whitmer must be held accountable for her despicable behavior.

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  3. What makes the Michigan House Oversight Committee, think that the Governor will tell the truth? Don’t all Elite Democrats lie all of the time? The Rinos aren’t any better!

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