BREAKING: Trump Enemy Gets Bad News – FBI Is Coming

The FBI is now investigating whether Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver ever had any inappropriate contact with underage boys after reports that he inappropriately messaged a number of mostly college-aged boys and may have groomed a 14-year-old.

Two sources said FBI agents contacted them to ask about Weaver, but that their questions had narrow scope.

It was not clear whether Weaver was a target or subject of a federal investigation at this time.

Political strategist Karl Rove said Weaver’s actions with men and boys were an open secret in Washington for decades.

Although Weaver’s co-workers feigned surprise about the allegations, the Associated Press reported that the Lincoln Project had a list in hand of Weaver’s accusers in June. It’s sad, if not criminal, that they didn’t seem to care about it until it went public.

Read the full story here.

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