BREAKING: Trump Enemy CAUGHT Red-Handed – Nation Stunned

The scandal-ridden anti-Trump organization Lincoln Project is desperately tryin to keep from folding.

Its more recent feeble attempt to stay relevant was to hire “independent” investigators to audit them and any involvement that might have had with covering up John Weaver’s alleged propositioning of young men.

But they just got busted in a huge way.

As reported by Breitbart News, “The disgraced Lincoln Project has just hired Lincoln Project donors to investigate the Lincoln Project.”

John Nolte who did the report for Breitbart noted that this trend is disturbing but not unprecedented:

The story above is two day old, and for two days I’ve been waiting for the left-wing Lincoln Project super PAC to be laughed off the planet for trying to pull something off as outrageous as this. But all I’ve heard is silence. No condemnations from the political media for the obvious corruption and conflict of interest at work here. Nothing other than a few offhand mentions in a few news articles. Mentions so offhand, it feels like we’re being slow-boiled into believing that hiring your own donors to investigate your own wrongdoing is okay.

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