BREAKING: Trump Enemy BUSTED – Photo Evidence Shocks Nation

A sworn enemy of President Donald Trump was just completely busted in public. The photo evidence couldn’t be more clear or shocking, and it is going viral. There is no escaping the truth.

It is no secret that Republican political operative Rick Wilson is in the ‘Never Trump’ camp, but could it all be an act? According to Breitbart News, Wilson found himself in a “dire” financial spot and chose a “lucrative” Trump-bashing career instead, and a stunning photo has made it worse for him.

Wilson’s group, The Lincoln Project, has taken to broadcasting ads against Trump and the Confederate flag. But conservative activist Caleb Hull discovered through a little social media investigation that Wilson owns a drink cooler emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

In fact, the top of the cooler even says in bold, uppercase letters, “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.” Hull publicly posted photos of the cooler and called Wilson out, then Wilson subsequently blocked him on Twitter. Now that was predictable.

Hull proceeded to post another photo of the cooler originally shared by Wilson’s wife, Molly. He asked, “Hey do you disavow this? Are you are Rick white supremacists? Do you want the south to rise again?” She replied with two words: “F—- off.” Classy!

In politics, the general rule is to follow the money. Wilson appears to be making bank now as a ‘Never Trump’ activist who wants to shame people for flying the Confederate flag, but he has been caught red-handed in a moment of pure hypocrisy.

Read the full story here.

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