BREAKING: Trump Enemies Exposed – Huge Scandal Reveals…

The anti-Trump super pac The Lincoln Project has raised more than $19 million, much of it from Democrat megadonors even though the founders are actually Republicans like George Conway.

Most of the money–more than $16 million–was raised in just the last three months, but it’s the way the group has been spending the money that has been raising questions about the real purpose of the group.

More than $2 million of the money the group collected was paid to two companies connected to group board members. Summit Strategic Communications, LLC and Tusk Digital, Inc., are owned by two of its board members, yet they managed to collect hefty fees for nebulous services like “research” and “consulting.”

Keep in mind that The Lincoln Project has only been in existence since December. That’s a lot of money to spend in such a short time.

Kind of makes it look like the group is similar to the Clinton Foundation–just a way to funnel money to themselves and a few friends without really doing much for anyone, and all with the tax-exempt status of a nonprofit organization.

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