BREAKING: Trump Election Bombshell Shocks Voters – It’s Happening

President Donald Trump and the Republicans raised a record $210 million in August, but they were eclipsed by Joe Biden and the Democrats, who raised $365.5 million in the same time period.

A senior Trump campaign official said the campaign has raised a total of $1.3 billion in this election cycle. It was unclear how much the Biden campaign has raised in total.

“Both campaigns are raising massive amounts of money, but have very different priorities about how to spend it,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said to Fox News in a statement. “In addition to advertising, President Trump’s campaign has invested heavily in a muscular field operation and ground game that will turn out our voters, while the Biden campaign is waging almost exclusively an air war. We like our strategy better.”

Stepien assured Fox News that the Trump campaign “will have all the resources we need to spread the message of President Trump’s incredible record of achievement, on the ground and on the air, and define Joe Biden as a tool of the radical left.”

Trump said he would put his own money into the campaign if it was needed. He did so during the primaries in 2016.

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