BREAKING: Trump Drops Bombshell On Facebook – Donald Has Done It

Former President Trump dropped a bombshell on Big Tech and the mainstream media during an exclusive interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

Trump believes that Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google should be facing antitrust investigations. Those companies hold a monopoly on the flow of information and can control and influence what Americans see and hear.

The power of Big Tech is so extensive that it has even allowed them to influence elections from the Presidency down to House races. The candidate with the support of corporations like Google has a much better chance of winning.

Big Tech doesn’t just control the flow of information; they also control the entire industry and can destroy competition. Upstart social media platform Parler was de-platformed because of the threat it posed to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Trump told Hannity that “They have to be strong and can’t be dominated by Amazon, Google, and people that could take them off the air right away. You do need antitrust. You have to do something about it. With all of the things you said, look, the Democrats lie, cheat and steal. They are vicious.”

Democrats spent years squealing about the non-existent threat that is Russia when Big Tech is actively subverting our elections. Our government no longer represents the people; it represents the interests of Big Tech.

Read the full story here.

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19 Responses

  1. President Trump is so right!!! They are trying to control anything that is said in this country, which to me, makes them traitors to the people of the United States!!!

    1. People DIED because of their antics, misinformation, and lack of TRUTH! Think about that. Make them accountable immediately!

    2. These companies are effectively agents of the government infested with totalitarian democrat bureaucrats. This is not capitalism. What we need is to get rid of their exemption from lawsuits, and charge them with in kind contributions to democrat campaigns. Also, the actual malice garbage has to be eliminated from libel laws. We need to sue these companies out of existance.

  2. President Trump is so right. Big tech has way too much control over us. I don’t go into fb unless I am completely bored, which isn’t often. I did try to delete this account but It didn’t work. I most likely did something wrong. I used to use Parler but after it came back I had to agree to policies through Google in order to use it. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I deleted my account. I know my phone uses google so I don’t have much of a choice there…if I did, I would not use google at all. I use a different search engine which is supposed to be private and not traceable. It clears my history when closed and then I clear my cache daily. Whatever, big tech needs to back off and give people their rights back just as the government needs to do.

  3. Yes, our freedoms are at stake, no company should have that power over the citizens of the USA. The media is not being truthful to the Americans. We need laws to protect our rights.

  4. If you post something on those websites that the left doesn’t like they take it off and censure you. It doesn’t have to be mean or false. They do it even if it’s a proven fact. They don’t believe in free speech guaranteed to American citizens under the U.S.Constitution. No one holds them accountable for their unconstitutional actions.

  5. How did we let Zuckenberg get so much power. The same way the Dems have scammed the people to vote for them……by lying.

  6. My wife doesn’t use the internet and she has said for years the internet is bad and out of control Bad people with lots of money don’t care about America only control The dems are in the bed with them and countries like China Iran Russia Look obiden is in the bed with them right now

  7. One reason big tech hates Donald Trump, but one reason the average citizen loves Donald Trump. He has common sense and wants to do what is best for the average person. Whereas the Dems and big tech only want to do what is best (monetarily) for them. We must get Donald Trump back into the White House to protect us from big tech.

  8. We need Trump to start his own social media, broadcasting, internet; TBS, Trump Broadcasting System. News, internet, wi-fi, social media, he can do it all and have the support to do so.

  9. I hope all of the comment about facebook have canceled your acc like I have. Tell everyone to get off facebook. That’s about the only way we can fight back against them.

  10. I absolutely agree with President Trump. I deleted my facebook account about a month ago. I had some serious withdrawal issues. However, I don’t miss being on there anymore at all. Also deleted twitter. Nothing lost there at all. They both are communist sympathizers, since neither of them believe in Freedom of Speech. I sincerely hope and pray they BOTH go broke

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