BREAKING: Trump Diagnosis STUNS White House – It’s Bad

The media has made no secret of its hatred of President Donald Trump, but in their impotence to get rid of him, they have decided to question his mental health instead.

A new Daily Caller video compilation shows a number of media hosts on CNN and MSNBC saying they think Trump is mentally ill and questioning his mental health.

A montage showed Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski repeatedly asking guests if they thought Trump was okay mentally and expressing their doubts that he was. Brzezinski even asks a guest if Trump should be executed for treason, and the guest agrees that he should be “carted off to save us all.”

Another unnamed host says he knows it’s not good psychological practice to diagnose someone “from afar,” but then he does it anyway.

So much for objectivity in journalism–these journalists claim they are neutral but are so carried away by their hatred of Trump that they want to believe he’s just insane. They should be ashamed of themselves.

See the full video here.

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