BREAKING: Trump Delivers Scandal Announcement – Biden Shocked

President Trump called out Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden exposing him for working for big tech and big media who in return “keep scandals quiet.”

The President made these remarks at a campaign rally in Florida on Friday saying, “Joe Biden works for big tech, big media. They’re his boss. They keep it nice and quiet. He’s got a scandal, corrupt politician. They keep it out. They don’t want to let any story go.”

President Trump is right to call out big tech and the media who have done everything they can to hide the continuing Hunter Biden scandals.

Twitter and Facebook actively censored the New York Post for recently breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story and disabled the accounts of those who attempted to share the story.

The New York Post itself was heavily censored by Twitter and despite all this, the major news sites stayed silent in the face of blatant censorship.

One can only imagine the howling that would have occurred had President Trump censored a story about someone in his family. Americans need to realize big tech and big media are not looking out for them.

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