BREAKING: Trump DELAYS It Til 2021 – Nation Stunned

President Trump has taken an important action to relieve Americans who are still struggling with the after-effects of the coronavirus shutdowns.

President Trump announced on Friday that the payroll tax will be deferred until the end of the year. If he wins in November, President Trump wants to work on making the change permanent.

President Trump said, “Hopefully, I’ll be here to do the job.” The President also has other plans that will further help Americans.

The President is looking into extending unemployment benefits and deferring student loan payments and interest. He also may extend a moratorium on evictions.

For Americans hard hit by the shutdowns, this is incredible news and signals that the President is looking out for Americans and not the elites.

The executive actions by the President will, of course, face legal action but Trump addressed this saying, “You always get sued, everything you do you get sued … we’ll see.”

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