BREAKING: Trump Death Announcement Shocks Nation – Biden Is…

A death announcement just shocked the nation and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is connected directly to it. He has targeted President Donald Trump. Millions of people are speechless.

Responding to the recent violence in Portland, which resulted in the shocking murder of an apparent Trump supporter, Biden accused Trump of “recklessly encouraging violence” and alleged “his failure to call on supporters to stop seeking violence.”

So while Biden also claimed to “condemn this violence unequivocally,” he used the shooting death of someone to sell his most deceitful narrative yet: that Trump himself is responsible for the violence and even this person’s death.

Let’s recap: Rioters, looters, agitators, and anarchists have spread destruction through major U.S. cities and Biden and has done nothing to stop it; he has tried to capitalize on it politically. Trump has acted to quell the chaos however he can.

For Biden to turn this on Trump — when it is radical, anti-Trump Marxists, wreaking havoc in the streets — is a new low, even for a Democrat. That he issued such a statement after this incident is particularly inexcusable and vile.

Biden continued by offering himself as the solution, of course. “The job of the President is to lower the temperature,” he said. “To make life better for all Americans, not just those who agree with us, support us, or vote for us.”

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