BREAKING: Trump Death Announcement – Nation In Shock

The news just dropped about a “death” announcement and millions of people nationwide are stunned. President Donald Trump is in serious danger.

On ‘Morning Joe’ this week, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accused Trump of “making sure that history holds him accountable for every last death during this time,” referring to the presumed transition period to the Biden administration.

As usual, however, Scarborough is being dishonest — the election has not been certified yet and, therefore, Joe Biden is not legally the president-elect. Trump is still the president, much to Scarborough’s dismay.

But he is a “Never Trump” weakling, in spite of being a former Republican congressman. He is incapable of giving any credit to Trump, even when the facts clearly allow for it. One such example is Operation Warp Speed.

Easily, the most significant progress made in the fight against COVID-19 is Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative, which allowed for a streamlined (yet still safe) regulatory process so a vaccine could be created as soon as possible.

We are seeing the fruit of this innovative move already, but Scarborough wants to virtue-signal and accuse Trump of doing “nothing” and not allowing “the transition of power to begin.” Sorry, Joe, but there are election lawsuits still pending.

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