BREAKING: Trump Criminal Prosecution Stuns Nation – White House Is…

The news just dropped about Trump potentially being prosecuted. Millions of people across the nation are stunned, including the White House.

In another delusional statement, Hollywood director Rob Reiner called for the Trump “Crime Family” to be “prosecuted.” Somehow, even though he is a fringe wacko, his tweet has more than 11,000 retweets.

“The GOP run Senate Intel Committee has referred Criminal proceedings to the DOJ against Kushner and Don Jr. We can not let the firehose of corruption gushing from this Crime Family go unchecked,” said Reiner.

“The survival of our Democracy demands they all be prosecuted,” he concluded. Speaking of our democracy surviving, Rob, what about the sworn affidavits from poll workers claiming election fraud nationwide?

It seems convenient that the anti-Trump left would simply ignore uncomfortable information, but no one should be surprised — Democrats and their allies in the media have rushed to declare Joe Biden “president-elect.”

This claim that Trump and his family have to be “prosecuted,” however, is especially egregious; they have done nothing wrong. It is just a narrative meant to throw people off from the election and Hunter Biden’s alleged business discrepancies.

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