BREAKING: Trump Confirms Fears – Election Delay Announcement

President Donald Trump said Monday during a tense interview with Jonathan Swan that results from an election that featured nation-wide mail-in voting could take two months.

Trump noted that people had voted during other times of emergency like during World War I and II.

“You know, you could have a case where this election won’t be decided on the evening of Nov. 3. This election could be decided two months later,” he told Swan.

The difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting is that for mail-in voting the state mails ballots to everyone on the voting rolls unsolicited, whereas in absentee voting people are required to request a ballot and verify information about themselves.

Trump also said that the Post Office couldn’t handle the volume of ballots it would get and noted that there had been numerous problems with mail-in voting in recent state and local elections.

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