BREAKING: Trump Charges Announcement – Nation In Shock

Charges against President Trump were just announced. Millions of people are in shock as the news spreads nationwide, but House Democrats are the ones behind it all. They are despicable.

After unveiling their articles of impeachment, one particular charge stands out as especially ridiculous: Obstruction of Congress. This reveals “a fundamental constitutional illiteracy,” wrote Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer.

“Our tripartite separation-of-powers edifice was hardly devised for the purpose of ensuring amiability between the legislative, executive and judicial branches,” continued Hammer, explaining Constitution 101.

He then pointed out that Congress and the legislative branch “were meant to be jealous guardians of their own ambits and spheres of influence,” thereby resulting in frequent “inter-branch political showdowns.”

Hammer’s is ultimately concluded that is is impossible for the president to “obstruct” Congress; that’s not how our Constitution works. Checks and balances are in place in both directions.

But no one should be surprised that left-wing politicians are constitutionally ignorant. The only instances in which they ever invoke our founding legal document is to twist it to support their own radical agenda.

Read the full story here.

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