BREAKING: Trump Cancels It – He’s Out

In another example of President Trump’s dedication to America, he canceled a trip to his New Jersey golf resort for the weekend to stay in Washington and continue the fight against lawlessness. The president signed a new executive order that protects statues, memorials, and monuments.

The rioting of the past few weeks has led to extensive vandalization especially towards memorials and statues of historical figures.

Numerous statues have been pulled down by mobs, usually of confederate figures, but others have been abolitionists, founding fathers, and unrelated historical figures.

President Trump said,

“I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues – and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!”

Law enforcement has thus far failed to preserve law and order and rioters have been acting with impunity and damaging property. President Trump is taking action to end the lawlessness.

Vandals who damage memorials and statues could face 10-year sentences if convicted. Hopefully, that will deter further violence and restore law and order.

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