BREAKING: Trump Campaign Gets Bad News From Florida – He’s Not Happy About This

President Donald Trump’s campaign just received bad news from the battleground state of Florida. He is not happy about this turn of events, but Democrats have also exposed their weakness. Trump still has the upper hand.

According to failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s adviser, Howard Wolfson, the liberal billionaire will be spending at least $100 million in Florida to support Joe Biden’s campaign to encourage early voting. Here’s why.

“The Cook Political Report changed the prediction for Florida towards Trump, as the Report altered the state’s rating from “leans Democratic” to ‘toss up,” reported Breitbart News. This means the Democratic Party is in full panic mode.

So, it would make sense that Bloomberg — with a bottomless pocketbook — would be infusing Florida with tons of cash in order to tip the state’s electoral votes in Biden’s favor. But Democrats could be throwing millions of dollars away again.

Trump is surging at just the right now while Biden is stagnating. Weeks of violent rioting in U.S. cities across the nation have shown that Biden isn’t fit for the presidency. He has done nothing but flame the chaos and destruction in our communities.

Finally, Bloomberg spent “at least $600 million on his failed presidential campaign that lasted only 101 days.” It is clear he knows how to throw money to a lost cause, and so it will be with Florida. The state is Trump’s on November 3.

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