BREAKING: Trump Calls It Quits – Nation SHOCKED

President Donald Trump just called it quits and the nation is completely shocked. Trump supporters are cheering, but liberal Democrats are pulling their hair out. He actually did it.

“President Trump is expected to expand an existing executive order to further halt the inflow of foreign visa workers while more than 30 million Americans remain unemployed,” reported Breitbart News.

Ultimately, the order — which could be signed as early as this week — will trim the amount of “foreign workers arriving on H-1B visas, L-1 visas, J-1 visas, and H-2B visas.”

As the United States pulls itself out of an economic downturn due to the COVID-19 crisis, millions of Americans looking for work will welcome this move by Trump. It is the right call.

By signing this order, Trump is putting America first once again by helping to ensure that more jobs will be available and go to U.S. citizens who desperately need them.

Liberals are likely looking for a way to denounce the president’s decisive action, but they will only expose how out of touch they are. The Democratic Party is the party of unregulated, open borders.

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