BREAKING: Trump Calls For EPIC Reversal – It Might Happen…

Former President Donald Trump said during a rally in Texas on Saturday that he thinks all the military members who were discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine should be rehired if Republicans retake legislative majorities as expected in 2023.

He said, “Next year, a Republican Congress should pass a bill rehiring every single member of the military who was cruelly and wrongfully terminated by Joe Biden and his ridiculous COVID mandate and force the Pentagon to give these patriots an apology and full back pay.”

More than 500 service members have been discharged for their noncompliance with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, but there are thousands more who have not complied and may eventually be discharged also.

Thousands asked for religious exemptions but only three were granted them so far. No reason has been given for the exemptions being granted or denied.

Trump encouraged everyone to defy COVID mandates and go back to normal life. “We have to tell this band of hypocrites, tyrants, and racists we’re done with having them control our lives, mess with our children, and close our businesses — we’re moving on from COVID whether they like it or not, we’re moving on,” he said.

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