BREAKING: Trump Brings It Down – Southern Wall Is Now…

President Trump’s border controls have kept at least 88,100 illegal immigrants from entering the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in March, President Trump applied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Title 42 order to illegal immigrants giving immigration officials the power to instantly deport illegal immigrants.

95% of illegal border crossers are being deported within two hours of the crossing. This was a crucial move as the southern border has the potential to become a hotbed of coronavirus.

According to a Trump administration official, “If not for this effort, tens of thousands of aliens acting as potential carriers for the coronavirus would have continued to enter law enforcement facilities near the border in congregate settings, making our Southwest border a major vein for coronavirus outbreak.”

The official continued saying, “The reforms put forth over the past two years means we are better prepared for the unprecedented public health challenge taking place at our border today.”

Quickly removing illegal immigrants is a crucial reform that has been needed for years. The process has been cut from weeks to hours and that will go a long way to solve larger issues on the border.

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