BREAKING: Trump BETRAYED – To General Stabs Him In Back…

General Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, betrayed President Trump by issuing an apology for accompanying the President on a walk through Lafayette Park to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

The event required the clearing of protestors, an action that drew a significant amount of criticism from Trump’s political enemies.

Milley said in a video, “As many of you saw the result of the photograph of me at Lafayette Square last week. That sparked a national debate about the role of the military in civil society. I should not have been there. My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics. As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from, and I sincerely hope we all can learn from.”

Milley’s apology essentially stabbed President Trump in the back as it lent credence to the criticisms that Democrats had of the event.

President Trump would do well to remove Milley from his position. President Trump has countless enemies outside the White House, he doesn’t need one inside the White House.

Milley’s apology not only undermined the President, but it also represented the general caving to pressure from activists. Clearly he doesn’t have the fortitude needed to work under the President.

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