BREAKING: Trump BETRAYED – Impeachment Bombshell…

A new poll shows that more Republicans and Independents how support the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The increase is most notable for young Republicans, with support for impeachment from older Republicans staying pretty close to the same.

Overall, slightly more adults (not limited to registered or likely voters) in a CNN poll said they now favored impeachment than opposed it, 47 to 45 percent. This is within the margin of error of the poll.

Only 14 percent of Republicans favored impeachment in the poll, up from 8 percent in May. The change has come almost entirely from Republicans under 35; those over 35 in the poll still only showed 8 percent favoring impeachment.

The poll seems flawed in many ways. Not using registered or likely voters means that the poll would have a higher number of people who really didn’t know anything about the grounds for impeachment and were only parroting talking points.

Furthermore, those under 35 have generally shown a high degree of ignorance about the details of how government runs. Do a lot of these people even understand why someone would get impeached and what the rules surrounding impeachment are? Orange man bad is not a sufficient reason for impeachment.

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