BREAKING: Trump Betrayed – GOP Impeachment Bombshell

The GOP is ready to cave to the left, and the signs of betrayal are evident with inauguration day just two weeks away. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) seemed receptive to the idea of impeachment during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday.

Senator Sasse, standing with Democrats, has bought into the idea that President Trump is somehow responsible for his supporters storming the Capitol despite Trump’s clear view of the entire affair.

What is worse than buying Democrat lies is participating in the idea of impeaching a President. Democrats already destroyed the legitimacy of the process last year. Another attempt at impeachment with weeks before Trump leaves office would undermine our system further.

Democrats want President Trump gone, and they don’t want him back in 2024. They will do anything to achieve those goals. For Senator Sasse to not recognize the clear agenda of the Democrat party speaks volumes to his abilities as a Republican Senator.

Sasse claimed that “[T]he people’s Capitol, which is obviously the greatest symbol around the world of freedom and liberty and self-government, there’s polling all over the world that the dome of the Capitol is literally the most identifiable symbol of freedom, and it was ransacked by a mob that was incited by the President of the United States.”

Sasse is simply repeating the mainstream media’s hyperbole, making himself nothing more than a useful idiot for the left. The next four years will be a time of change for the Republican party, and figures like Sasse will likely find themselves ostracized and thrown out.

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