BREAKING: Trump Attacks Her In Her HOME – Fans Cheering…

Former President Donald Trump went on a blitzkrieg against Representative Liz Cheney, during his massive rally in Casper, Wyoming, on Saturday.

Representative Cheney is one of the few Republicans on the Jan. 6 select committee and is at the top of Trump’s hitlist in this year’s midterm elections.

Trump is leading an effort along with a large chunk of the Republican Party to primary Cheney and send a message that neo-liberals are not welcome in the GOP.

During the rally, thousands of Wyoming Republicans cheered as Trump blasted Cheney saying, “Liz Cheney is about America last.”

The years where the Bushs and the Cheneys dominated the Republican Party are long over and the enthusiasm at Trump’s rally confirmed that. Cheney’s only friends are on the left and they don’t vote in Republican primaries.

Wyoming’s primary will be held on August 16th, giving Trump a few more months to ensure that Liz Cheney is kicked out of power and the Cheney family legacy is burned to the ground.

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