BREAKING: Trump ATTACKED In London… Details Pouring In

Details are pouring in about President Trump being attacked in London. The culprit was just exposed, and millions of people are stunned.

As Trump visited London, an all-out war was launched against him by the American media — even though UK news coverage has been mostly positive.

“All we’re seeing, basically, is this Trump Baby Blimp, which is getting more coverage than the O.J. Bronco,” said Joe Concha of The Hill.

Commenting further on our mainstream media, he said, “It’s typical of what we’ve seen with Trump. If it’s negative, that’s the way we’re gonna go.”

It is telling that while our media focuses on the demonstrations against Trump in London, UK media is actually discussing why he’s there in the first place: The 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Concha concluded: “This is what we should be focusing on, the U.S. and U.K. coming together to defeat Nazi Germany. I’m not hearing a lot about that right now, I’m seeing Trump Baby Blimp.”

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