BREAKING: Trump ATTACKED – Bill Barr Is …

President Donald Trump was just attacked and Attorney General William Barr has been named, too. It came from a member of the Deep State and Barr is not going to let this go without a response.

Appearing on ‘Face the Nation,’ former FBI Director James Comey was asked, “What do you think is the biggest threat to the rule of law right now?” Without missing a beat, he named two people: Trump and Barr. This is unreal.

“That even that even-handed law enforcement has disappeared from the Justice Department under Bill Barr and Donald Trump,” said Comey. “It shouldn’t matter if Trump likes you or not, everybody should get a fair shake.”

“And that the truth is under attack, both by the attorney-general and the president,” Comey continued. “Those things matter.” People should be able to see right through his pity-party, which is nothing more than sour political grapes.

Whereas Comey claims to support the rule of law, his actions have proven otherwise. He refused to prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her illegal email server and used federal power to go after the Trump campaign in 2016.

By contrast, Trump has consistently stood up for law enforcement, border control, and rooting out corruption. Comey is working for the Democrats; he is terrified about Trump going after the Deep State. That is what this is all about.

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