BREAKING: Trump ASSASSINATION Threat Issued… Please Pray

An assassination threat was just issued, and it involves President Trump. Americans need to come together and pray right now.

Ultra-liberal actress Bette Midler, in a now-deleted tweet responding to a photo of Trump, said, “He actually looks better here! Maybe someone in his camp can gently give him a shiv. I mean, shove.”

The photo was tweeted by washed-up filmmaker Michael Moore, and it’s from Trump’s visit to McLean Bible Church in Virginia. He was there to pray with the pastor.

Mocking tone from Midler and Moore aside, which is bad enough, Midler’s suggestion that Trump should get a “shiv” is abhorrent. Who in their right mind would suggest stabbing the president, even as a possible joke?

This is reminiscent of disgraced actress Kathy Griffin’s photoshoot with a bloody severed head made in Trump’s likeness. It’s not funny. It’s dangerous.

Despite Midler’s tweet being expressly against Twitter’s rules, the social media platform has not taken action. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Read the full story here.

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