BREAKING: Trump ARREST Notice – By Pelosi’s Order… [Developing]

A professor has called for House speaker Nancy Pelosi to force President Trump to undergo an “involuntary evaluation.”

Yale Medicine Professor of Psychiatry Bandy X. Lee said, “She has the right to have him submit to an involuntary evaluation, but she has not. Anyone can call 911 to report someone who seems dangerous, and family members are the most typical ones to do so. But so can coworkers, and even passersby on the street.”

This is a crazy idea, which is ironic considering Lee is the Professor of Psychiatry. But Lee doubled down on the insanity, going on to say she is, “beginning to believe that a mental health hold, which we have tried to avoid, will become inevitable.”

This is highly concerning rhetoric. This professor is utilizing her position to call for a coup on the president of the United States, behavior which damages her professional reputation and that of the entire profession.

Professor Lee seems to be suffering from deeply embedded Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The cure? This professor clearly needs to take a break from politics.

Read the full story here.

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