BREAKING: Trump Arrest Bombshell – 10 Year Prison Sentence

President Trump shared a list of suspects that federal authorities are looking to arrest. The individuals on the list are thought to have vandalized property in Lafayette Park, directly opposite of the White House, and could face 10-year prison sentences.

President Trump tweeted that, “MANY people in custody, with many others being sought for Vandalization of Federal Property in Lafayette Park. 10-year prison sentences!”

Destruction of government property is a felony offense and federal prosecutors should be especially vigilant considering the violence of the past few weeks.

President Trump has already called for tougher punishments for vandals and rioters. During a town hall with Sean Hannity, Trump said, “These people are vandals, they’re agitators, they’re terrorists, in a sense.”

The riots of the past weeks have resulted in millions of dollars worth of damages as rioters ran rampant with no consequences.

The real call to action came when mobs pulled down numerous statues deemed to be unfit to stand in 2020. Rioters are warned, if you are caught you will be locked up for a long time.

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