BREAKING: Trump Announced Reversal Over Second Term – It’s Over

President Trump has announced that he plans to cut the capital gains tax to 15% if elected to a second term as President.

The President went on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” and said, “Well, I’ve done the payroll tax cut — you know, this is a temporary payroll tax cut, but this is a very substantial, positive jolt to the economy. I’m going to do a capital gains tax cut to 15% in my second term. We’re going to get it down to 15. It’s at 21. We’ll get that down to 15%. And I’ll get that done easily. We’re going to take the House.”

President Trump is committed to gutting tax rates and thousands of Americans stand to benefit greatly from these changes.

This follows President Trump’s recent executive orders extending coronavirus relief measures. President Trump plans to make those executive orders permanent if elected in November.

Democrats have blocked and obstructed many of President Trump’s plans and time is running out for the President.

However, if President Trump wins reelection he will have four more years to make critical changes and reforms.

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