BREAKING: Trump and Republicans Get HUGE News – Biden Is FUMING

According to data released by the Department of Labor on Friday for the month of October, the unemployment gap between Blacks and Hispanics is closing in on the unemployment rate for Whites.

Black and Hispanic unemployment fell by 1.3% and 1.5% respectively while White unemployment fell to 6% from 7%.

President Trump’s economy was well on the way to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and the rising tide was lifting all boats. All of that progress may be in jeopardy depending on the outcome of the election.

Where populations used to take years to recover from extreme economic recessions, Trump’s economy allowed populations to recover in a matter of months.

President Trump’s time in office has been a windfall for minority communities who saw plummeting unemployment rates and unprecedented economic success.

Trump’s economy explains why he brought in the most minority voters for a Republican candidate in over half a century.

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