BREAKING: Trump Acquittal Alert – Schiff Is Furious

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee said in a Friday press conference that they were frustrated and disappointed Democrats were continuing to pursue impeachment even though they had failed to provide evidence President Donald Trump had pressured Ukraine to investigate political opponents in order to get aid money.

“The way our Constitution is written, is that the party in charge, even if you have the majority in Congress, you don’t get to remove a president because you don’t like them,” said Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA). “They did not produce a scintilla of evidence to support a charge of impeachment, and that’s why we’re so frustrated.”

Rep. Debbie Lasko (R-AZ) said Democrats should be ashamed of their conduct around impeachment. “I have known that my fellow Democrats were going to go for impeachment since January of this year when they got power,” she said. “They predetermined they were going to do it and they did it, come hell or high water. They had no proof, no evidence, no crime. But they went ahead anyway and they’re tearing the country apart. They should be ashamed.”

“There was an abuse of power at the Department of Justice, the FBI, the FISA Court…all kinds of abuses of power,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said. “Perhaps none more so than in the House of Representatives by the majority.”

Republican lawyer during impeachment proceedings Steve Castor noted in a poster displayed during the hearings that two-thirds of judiciary committee Democrats had voted for impeachment before the Ukraine phone call even took place.

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