BREAKING: Trump Accused Of Being Nazi – America In Shock

The mainstream media is at it again: this time MSNBC military analyst Barry McCaffrey went on “Deadline” Thursday to claim that former President Donald Trump was taking America towards a “coup” and that he didn’t respect the Constitution.

Responding to anchor Nicole Wallace, McCaffrey said, “We ought to be always cautious about the Nazi comparison. You know Nazis destroyed all of Europe…They killed 40 million people. On the other hand, the Nazi experience in the 1930s is worth looking at and seeing parallels to Trump’s basically criminal behavior, ignoring the rule of law. He was actually talking about shooting people, the armed forces, protesters.”

He went on, “This fella did not buy into the Constitution of the United States. He was edging towards a coup.”

Never mind that it’s President Joe Biden who is continually breaking the laws and violating the Constitution to take away people’s freedoms and bring illegal immigrants into the country.

Trump stood for religious freedom and against illegal immigration, which is perfectly aligned with the Constitution, but Democrats are the ones who really want to destroy the Constitution and have autocratic power.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

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  2. Lies, lies and more lies coming out of CNN/MSNBc. They never have any facts to back up their ridiculous claims. And no one in the media calls them out because they are all complicit in the lies.

    1. Exactly, they are truly just speaking about themselves, that’s what they have done since he came down the escalator and announced he was running in 2015. Democrats couldn’t contain themselves they were so angry they said he was everything they know themselves to be.

  3. This is utter nonsense, fortunately, very few watch MSNBC. I think that there must be a message in their lack of viewership.

    1. Nicole Wallace is a psychopath & pathological liar—- the left are one & all Marxist communist who murdered over a hundred million people. this she cat contradicts everything she says in one paragraph Nazi and Marxist communist are identical twins all of which she so is. Trump is as far from being a Nazi. As one can get

  4. Is this what you call the kettle being black. I’ve never heard I’d anything more ridiculous. President a Trump is a true loving our Country American. Eat s—t and die. I know u don’t have the balls yo print this u never do

  5. Joe Biden is the one who is against America .Not President Trump. The problem with the news media is it is run by democrats.

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