BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Indictment Announcement – Punishment Is Coming

U.S. Attorney John Durham, at the request of U.S. Attorney General William Barr, has been conducting a criminal investigation of the origins of the Russian Collusion Hoax. Last month, this resulted in former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty to making a false statement.

We conservatives have long been hoping that Durham would bring some of the major players involved in that hoax to justice. But, Trey Gowdy, the former Republican congressman from South Carolina, has recently expressed his belief that Durham will not be handing out any more indictments.

“Whether or not there’ll be more indictments or not, I don’t know and I like to assume that there will not be,” Gowdy said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “That puts me in a small minority, but I’m assuming that the Clinesmith indictment will be the only one,” Gowdy added.

Gowdy, however, does not believe that this is the end of the matter. He believes that Durham will finish up his investigation and will release a definitive report on what exactly happened. Although there may not be any more criminal consequences, Gowdy argued, Durham’s report could lead to major political consequences for the likes of former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan, and a host of other major players.

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