BREAKING: Trans Swimmer HOAX Exposed – Ivy League Athlete Is…

The Breitbart Headline hilariously reads:

Tour de Farce: Trans Swimmer Smashes Another Women’s Record at Ivy League Championships

“For the second time in as many days, transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas broke another women’s swimming record, this time on the 200m,” reported Breitbart News.

“Much has been made of the fact that Thomas competed as a man for three years before joining the women’s team,” according to Breitbart News. “Though, in actuality, Thomas is entering his fourth year of collegiate competition as a man because he is still a man despite being on the women’s team.”

Yes, indeed. He is a he.

“The NCAA, of course, knows this all too well. Unfortunately, however, the collegiate sports governing body elected to go the cowardly route of allowing individual sports to determine their own rules regarding trans athletes such as Thomas. Instead of ruling decisively in favor of women’s rights by disallowing a male athlete in possession of obvious physical advantages from competing against women,” reported Breitbart News.

“As a result, Thomas was allowed to compete in this year’s women’s championships because he underwent testosterone treatment for over a year,” reports Breitbart News. “A factor which apparently makes up for his advantage in muscle, skeletal strength, lung capacity, hand size, foot size, heart size, and the fact that you know, he’s a man.”

Penn Swimming and Diving made a mistake in their tweet. Pronouns can be confusing.

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