BREAKING: Tragic Trump Family Announcement – Children Speak Out…

Lara Trump spoke out about the blatant and obvious media bias against her family. Trump went on The Kyle Olsen Show to discuss the recent report by the Senate that details extensive and shady financial activities on the part of Hunter Biden.

Trump said, “It’s so laughable to see how the mainstream media has just sort of bypassed this whole thing. If any member of the Trump family had not just received a wire transfer but taken $2 from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, believe me, it would be headline news; it would be splashed across the front pages of every major newspaper.”

The mainstream media attacks like bloodhounds over the slightest shred of circumstantial evidence tying the Trump family to Russia. Now with evidence that Hunter Biden is taking money from Russians, there is complete radio silence.

Trump continued, “Such a double standard that exists out there I hope people see it. I’ll tell you our family feels it. It feels so incredibly unfair that these sorts of things can be done.”

It’s easy to forget how much the Trump family goes through. The last four years have been hellish for the family as they are defamed and slandered day in and day out by a media that is completely driven by politics.

While the media refuses to hold the Bidens accountable, thankfully the Senate will. While the media ignore the bombshell report, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has referred it to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation.

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