Tragic Supreme Court News… Please Pray

Tragic news about the U.S. Supreme Court just dropped. The word is spreading nationwide and Americans need to pray for President Trump and this nation.

Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute has insisted in an op-ed that the Supreme Court might not be as “conservative” as some are claiming, and he’s citing recent cases as examples.

While the court’s conclusion that a decades-old WWI memorial cross can remain on public land was a win, Natelson said it was “limited because the court refused to overturn the Lemon test, which seeks to evict religion from government.”

For another example, he also pointed to the even more recent case in which the court ruled that a citizenship question cannot be allowed on the upcoming census — a blow to Trump’s anti-illegal immigration efforts.

But Natelson is allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good. The memorial cross will remain standing and there’s nothing liberals can do about it. Just because it didn’t go as far as he wanted doesn’t mean it it wasn’t a victory.

Also, what about the 7-2 Supreme Court decision that ruled in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, in a monumental case for religious liberty? Natelson is taking this and so much more for granted. And Trump isn’t done remaking the court just yet.

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