BREAKING: Tragic News For Biden Family – Forced Out Of White House…

Tragic news was just reported about the Biden family. One member of the family has been forced out of the White House after a violent altercation.

“According to a report, President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd had a serious ‘biting incident’ with White House security and returned home to Wilmington, Delaware,” reported Breitbart News.

Both of Biden’s dogs were sent home for now, however, it was Major who reportedly bit a White House security staffer. Even CNN reported that Major was known to “display agitated behavior on multiple occasions.”

The victim’s condition is not known at this time. More than anything, it is possible that Major is just not adjusting well to the new surroundings, given that domestic animals are creatures of familiarity and habit.

Major seems like a good and lively dog, though — and he was a rescue from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018. He became “the first-ever rescue dog to live in the White House,” noted Breitbart.

Please pray that the White House security staffer who was harmed makes a full recovery and Major is able to return to the White House. Biden may be a liberal Democrat, but man’s best friend shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. Is this the dog that tripped Biden and broke his foot?
    “Good Dog”….
    Perfect fit in a dysfunctional family… He can go live with Hunter for a while and snort coke and meth with him… That should “calm him down”… ;))
    [sarcasm here folks]

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