BREAKING: Tragic Elizabeth Warren News – It’s Over

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just received tragic news. It is completely over now — she never saw this coming and the report is spreading nationwide. She is devastated.

A scientific poll of Democrat voters has revealed the worst for Warren: Most of them don’t want Joe Biden to choose her as his running mate, and the numbers get even worse with white voters in the survey. This USA Today/Suffolk University poll has most likely sunk her chances.

On the subject of Warren, “19 percent found her to be a ‘not acceptable’ choice, the highest negative rating of any of the 11 candidates listed,” and, furthermore, “23 percent of white voters found Warren to be a ‘not acceptable’ choice.”

The main driver of this opinion appears to be “that seven in 10 Democrats think it’s ‘important’ for Biden to pick a black woman as his VP,” which is why Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is in a highly favorable position. She could very well end up being Biden’s choice.

However, Harris could also prove to be problematic for the anti-police block of the Democratic Party’s base. Before becoming California’s junior U.S. senator, she served as the state’s attorney general and was perceived by many as a “tough on crime” official.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her ‘Squad’ of Marxists continue to gain traction by filling a leadership gap in their party — and they have already rejected Biden’s candidacy. The possibility of Harris moving them over into the Biden camp is slim to none.

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