BREAKING: Tragic Biden News – White House Scrambling…

Tragic news about President Joe Biden just dropped and the White House is scrambling to respond. They can’t seem to control the controversy.

“Hunter Biden convinced his father Joe in early 2017 to put out a statement approving of the affair he was having with his deceased brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, telling Joe that if he didn’t, the relationship would ‘seem wrong,” reported Fox News.

By Hunter’s own admission — which he details in his upcoming book, “Beautiful Things,” he told the elder Biden: “‘Dad,’ I told him, ‘if people find out, but they think you’re not approving of this, it makes it seem wrong.”

It wasn’t long after that when former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement approving of the relationship and expressing his “full and complete support.” This is unreal.

But the Biden family has always been odd. For better or worse, they stick together — whether it’s regarding Hunter’s multiple affairs or suspicious business interests in China and Ukraine.

For decades now, the Bidens have gone unchecked politically and we have the end result looking right at us: Immorality, corruption, and nepotism. Here’s hoping the Biden era ends in 2024.

Read the full story here.

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11 Responses

  1. Joe Biden, became president through ciminal and evil people. When people will sell their soul for a pot of porage or ill gotten gains the evil will prevail for a season. The serpent will return to bite them.

  2. Thr democrats really scrapped the bottom of the barrel when they found joe biden. If you watch tv in other countries we are a laughing stock. Australia tv other day were they find this bloke Russian China even rocket mans laughing.

  3. Tragic my butt do not try & make us feel sorry for the Biden crime family they have committed treason! They should all be locked up in prison by now! I know Trump is not the main topic right now but you news people have got to start doing actual news!

  4. And he is now our President. illegally of course, but still the man is an immoral person and he is supposed to be our leader. Not mine.

  5. He’s an Adulterer and she’s an adulteress. If they were Republicans they’d have been crucified by the press. Double standards and hypocrisy are the new democratic norms.

  6. This family is so sick no morals at all. Showers with young daughter Ashley Biden going with dead brothers wife and Biden and Jill cheating when they both are married to other people. No wonder Ashley and Hunter are drug addits One f–ked up family.for sure liars,crooks no good people >>EVIL all the way and he no right living in the white house. He s not our president and never will be scum all of then including>> Democrats they cheated their to win

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